Ask 2: After voting, what parts of my voting record is the public able to see?

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Question: After voting, what parts of my voting record is the public able to see?

Answer: By law, who you voted for remains private, however, other data like voter registration records are publicly available online, according to FindLaw — an online database that offers free legal information and tools.

In Harris County, a person’s voter registration record can be found on the county’s tax office website. Records, available for informational purposes only, can be searched for by name, address, or voter unique identifier/certificate/legacy number.

Voter information that appears on the record includes the individual’s full name, sex, address, Voter Unique Identifier or VUID and precinct number.

Harris County voters can request their information be removed from the site through a written request form or authorize to disclose confidential voter information like voter registration records, and other information that is considered confidential by law, to their representative, according to the site.

Voter registration records from other Texas counties can be found through ‘Am I Registered?’ — Texas’s statewide voter registration database. This site provides three ways to access your record, which includes inputting your VUID and date of birth, driver’s license number and DOB, or your full name, county, DOB and zip code.

Voter information that appears on the site includes a person’s full name, address, gender, voter status, county, precinct and VUID.

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