DA launches probe into how FEMA money is being handled in Dickinson, sources say

DICKINSON, Texas – A Texas Ranger arrived at Dickinson City Hall on Monday with a subpoena for records. City Administrator Chris Heard met with him briefly but said he can’t talk about what they discussed.

“I met with them," Heard said. "They presented me with a document. I made a copy of the document and they left.”

However, sources told KPRC 2 that the visit is part of an investigation by the Galveston County District Attorney, which was sparked by a complaint from a city employee.

The complaint was allegedly filed by the city’s finance director, Penny Hunter, claiming Heard had given her directives she considered to be either illegal or improper.

Friction between Heard and Hunter led to Hunter recently being place on paid leave after only two months on the job.

“She brought up some concerns and we will just work through any issues that have arisen,” Heard said.

According to sources, part of what is being investigated is how the city classified about $5 million in money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency earmarked for Hurricane Harvey cleanup.

“I think there are some folks who think I’m the genesis for some of these issues, and if I was not a part of this organization then things could get back on track,” Heard said.

A spokesman for the District Attorney’s office said he can neither confirm nor deny an investigation is underway.

KPRC 2 was unable to reach Hunter for comment on this story.