JJ Watt, Texans give sweet surprise to kids who tragically lost father in wreck

HOUSTON – After a tragic crash took the life of an innocent father, the Houston Texans reached out to surprise the man’s three children. They hoped to make the kids smile and to show their support for them.

Fidel Juarez, 36, died after a tragic crash in September. He was driving on Cutten Road in northwest Harris County when his truck was clipped after two other vehicles started racing.

Juarez is survived by his wife and three children: 14-year-old Juliana, 11-year-old Gustavo and 8-year-old Lizandro Juarez.

“Now I have to be the man of the house...take care of our family,” Gustavo told KPRC2′s Rose-Ann Aragon a few days after the accident happened.

Gustavo, who was wearing a Texans jersey, said he, his siblings and his father shared a love for sports and the Texans.

After seeing KPRC’s story, the Houston Texans were touched by these family’s strength and decided to find a way to help brighten the children’s spirits.

“I was really shocked--surprised!” Lizandro said with a smile.

The family received three Texans jerseys in the mail, signed by JJ Watt.

“Dear Juarez family, we are so very sorry for your loss... We hope this brightens your day. With love, the Houston Texans,” Gustavo read out loud to his siblings during the reveal.

“We weren’t expecting any of this!” Juliana laughed.

“Was it really signed?” Gustavo had a message to the Texans.

“Thank you for taking the time out of his day to send us these...especially signed from him and [for him to] send them all the way from over there to here,” Gustavo said.

This act of kindness touched these children’s hearts.

“They weren’t processing it very well but after the shirts, the week went okay,” Juliana said. “I was very thankful and very happy.”

These jerseys brightened their spirits and gave them a lasting reminder that they are not alone.

“Keep taking care of your family and stay strong--as the message [Watt] sent us,” Gustavo said.

If you would like to support this family, contribute to their GoFundMe.