‘I have to be the man of the house’: 11-year-old son remembers life of father killed by street racer

The family of an innocent man, Fidel Juarez, 36, killed after being caught in the middle of an illegal street race is remembering their loved one. Juarez was a father to three children, an 8-year-old, 11-year-old and 14-year old.

Fidel’s son, Gustavo Juarez, 11, said his father was a loving and good-hearted man, who always worked hard for his family.

“My dad was amazing. He took me to many places,” he said. “We have two horses. He always took me to the ranch.”

Gustavo said his father worked two jobs and was on his way to work early Thursday when the crash happened in northwest Harris County. He said he found out the next morning.

“I was about to go to online school, and I heard my mom crying in the room. Then she called us out and broke the news to us,” he said.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, Juarez was innocent, driving on the roads when two cars, a Dodge Charger and another car, were racing on Cutten Road near Cypress Creek Parkways. The Charger clipped Fidel’s Ford F-150 sending it flying into a building pillar.

“We all started crying. We can’t believe it,” Gustavo said.

Gustavo lost his hero. Together, they shared tradition, family values, and a love for the Texans.