Why you should be freezing water bottles right now, and other clever hacks for disaster prep

Prepare your home ahead of a hurricane
Prepare your home ahead of a hurricane

Living on the Gulf Coast, many of us are practically experts at storm prep. While we have heard of the usual storm prep suggestions, including getting your documents and medicine in order, there are a few other things you could be doing right now to prepare.

We asked what some of you are doing to prepare for a potential storm and a few really unique and helpful ideas came up. A lot of people are suggesting others to freeze water bottles - and lots of them.

Why should you freeze water bottles?

Freezing water bottles will help keep your food cool longer during a power outage. The frozen water in bottles will keep the freezer cool longer. Depending on how long you need to go without power, you could also transfer some of the frozen water bottles into your refrigerator.

“Freeze a lot and pack your fridges and freezer tight with stuff. The more packed it is, the less room there is for warmer air to start circulating, keeping it cool longer. We usually consolidate our inside and outside freezers and just use the extra one for freezing more ice for ice chests,” suggests Houston resident Bobbie Byrd.

Fill zip-top bags full of water and freeze them

If you don’t have any water bottles, you can fill up zip-top bags and use those in your freezer. This is also a good option if you don’t have a lot of space for water bottles.

“I fill gallon freezer bags with water and freeze them flat. It makes a large chunk of ice that works well too,” recommended Jennifer Sisco.

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