Humble ISD students begin 2020 school year Tuesday

Humble ISD starts classes Tuesday.

HUMBLE, Texas – Students at Humble Independent School District started virtually on Tuesday.

On a normal year, the drill team at Summer Creek High School would’ve started weeks earlier, but this year, practices were delayed and they made major changes.

“I think we kinda lost ourselves and I’m ready to get back to something normal that we all love and enjoy doing together,” said Junior Angel Miller.

Terri Aranda is the longtime Starlettes director.

“I miss my students. I miss teaching dance,” said Aranda. “Seeing them dance, seeing this magic, this passion that they have, the passion that I share with them, so that’s what exactly what I’m looking forward to.”

But this year is different in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were forced to have tryouts virtually.

“A little difficult at the beginning but it ended up working out, I have my team of 60,” said Aranda.

Summer camp was held virtually.

 “They didn’t let it get them down. They just kept it moving. Kept it moving,” said Aranda.

There’s even a big change in their uniforms.

“The shields, they do get foggy and you can’t really see, but it’s better than the masks,” said Captian Halle Harris.

There are still a lot of questions about the school year.

“Are we gonna have a football season? Are we going to all football games? How do we get there.”

Until they get the answers, the dance must go on.

“We’re taking the precautions that we need to keep everyone safe,” said Aranda.

The district is allowing students who are learning virtually to take part in extracurricular activities.

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