VIDEO: Hungry squirrel steals slice of pizza from customer’s contactless delivery

Screenshot from the woman's video capturing the squirrel stealing pizza from the box. (ViralHog)

MONTCLAIR, New Jersey – Looks like squirrels are getting smarter and a little more nuttier.

A New Jersey woman was hoping to enjoy her pizza, only to find out that a squirrel got its hands on a slice or two of the pie. The moment was caught on the woman’s Nest camera.

The pizza box was left on the porch via contactless delivery from GrubHub, when moments later the hungry squirrel walked over and gnawed a hole onto the box, pulling about two slices out. The woman ran out to find the squirrel with the pizza, yelling at her husband, “That squirrel stole our pizza!”.

Fortunately, she was able to get a refund for her delivery from GrubHub, where she ordered the pizza from, according to the New York Post.

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