Gov. Greg Abbott answers questions about closing bars, reopening schools and the coronavirus surge in Texas

HOUSTON – As Texas coronavirus cases surge, Gov. Greg Abbott spoke to KPRC 2 Friday evening after issuing an order to close all Texas bars and reduce restaurant capacity to 50%.

For the last four days, there have been more than 5,000 new cases reported in the state each day with Houston and Harris County becoming a major hotspot for the virus in Texas.

Here’s a breakdown of the Texas case totals for each day:

DayNew cases reported

Here’s what we asked the governor and how he responded:

Question: Do you think you acted too quickly in reopening Texas, even though we know people were eager to get back to work to support their families?

Abbott: You know, if you look to the reopening, to the best that we had it in the state of Texas until we get to today, you see something very interesting. So, about a month after I announced the reopening, on this exact... I announced it on April 27th, on this day in May, get these numbers: we had 589 people test positive. Today, that number has increased by ten-fold, to more than 5,700.

We have 1,548 people in hospitals on this day, last month. Now it’s more than 5,100. On this day, last month, we have the lowest positivity rate on record after we slowed the spread of the coronavirus. Today, we’re over 11% (positivity rate).