The city of La Marque is under a mask order that is even stricter than the one in Harris County

Businesses, residents get ready for Orange County’s mask mandate
Businesses, residents get ready for Orange County’s mask mandate

LA MARQUE, Texas – La Marque, Texas is also under a mask order after Mayor Bobby Hocking signed an executive order Friday. Residents of city in Galveston County will be under an order that is more strict than the one issued in Harris County.

Per the order, “all citizens will wear masks and social distance in public within the corporate limits of the City of La Marque.”

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Unlike the order that goes into effect in Harris County Monday, the order in La Marque includes people who are in local businesses, in parks or on the street.

“If you are outside of your home or your vehicle, you need to wear a mask. It is the slightest of inconveniences in exchange for your safety, the safety of your family and the safety of our city,” the city wrote in a post on Facebook.

If you need a mask, the city says masks are available at La Marque City Hall.

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“All you have to do is drive through the utility payment windows and show your ID with a La Marque address or a La Marque utility bill, and we will give you up to four per household,” the city wrote on Facebook.

Read the order below:

Masks on, La Marque. Mayor Hocking signs proclamation requiring masks in the City of La Marque. Get that news plus...

Posted by City of La Marque on Saturday, June 20, 2020

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