Thousands crowded downtown Houston for George Floyd march

KPRC 2 reporters talk about scenes from Tuesday afternoon's march for George Floyd.

HOUSTON – People marched for several hours through downtown Houston Tuesday in protest of the death of George Floyd, who died while being detained by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After the march, protests continued into the night. Some people in the crowd started throwing items like water bottles but were quickly thwarted by other protesters as they tried to maintain the peace.

Police said they were willing to remain at the scene all night as long as the protest remained peaceful. Around 11 p.m., protests had died down and several handcuffed were lined up and were waiting to board a police bus.

Floyd was a native of Houston’s Third Ward, and the protest was organized by members of his family. Organizers called for the event, which included a march from Discovery Green to Houston City Hall, to remain peaceful.

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