PHOTOS: Local man gets stung by stingray at Jamaica Beach in Galveston

Stingrays (Pixabay)

Lowell Shapley of New Caney was fishing when he accidentally stepped into a deep hole where a stingray was at Jamaica Beach in Galveston.

In response to a comment on his Facebook post, Shapley said the incident was caused by bad luck and bad timing.

Despite wearing protective reef boots and waders, he says the stingray went through the boot and a layer of neoprene.

“Had a fish in my hands after a fight. Had the water muddied around me so couldn’t see and moved sideways right into a deep hole where he was laid up. The few seconds I had my guard down was all it took,” Shapley said in response to a comment on his Facebook post.

Immediately after being stung, Shapley called a friend to his rescue.

“I was in the marsh and had an excruciating walk back to the boat. Got to shore and called a friend close that came over with an icechest full of scalding water,” Shapley said on Facebook.

When asked to rate his pain on a scale of 1-10, Shapley says it’s a 9.2 - 9.4.

Shapley says he’s doing everything he can to get past the infection risk and secondary infections are concerning.

“I have washed it with soap and water religiously 4 times per day, followed by peroxide, iodine irrigation, and covered with a triple ointment,” Shapley wrote on Facebook. “No signs of infection thank god, which is a very serious danger with a stingray injury.”

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