SUPPORT LOCAL: Clothes Mentor buys and sells women’s name-brand clothes, shoes and accessories


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What is Clothes Mentor?

Clothes Mentor is a locally owned resale clothing store that buys and sells women’s clothes, shoes and handbags.

“Many consignment stores went out of business and there are not many stores left that offer the services we do,” the business wrote to KPRC. “Unlike Plato’s Closet we do not focus on teenagers, but we only buy and sell for women.”

How did the business start?

The store owner wanted to start a business for herself after kids went off to college. With a fashion degree and love for the green aspect of a resale company, she wanted a business that would do good during a recession so she decided to buy a Clothes Mentor franchise. “Like any startup, it has been difficult,” the business wrote. “Hurricane Harvey was tough. When you close for a while, it takes time for people to come back."

Where is Clothes Mentor located?

The store is the only one in the Houston area, but there are over 120 stores nationwide.

How is Clothes Mentor dealing with current challenges?

The business shared that as a small store, they are very much dependent on word of mouth advertising.

“As the only franchise in the area, name recognition is limited,” the business wrote.

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

You can help this business through online shopping.

“Our prices are much lower than traditional retail stores,” the business wrote. “We currently can’t buy items, but we can sell online to keep our business from going under.”

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