This is how some landlords and tenants in Houston are working together amid the coronavirus pandemic


As many are facing financial hardships as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, paying rent has been a great concern for tenants and landlords around Houston.

It’s a difficult time for all parties involved. If tenants have been laid-off or furloughed, it becomes a challenge to pay rent on time, in full, or even at all. If tenants don’t pay rent, landlords might be unable to pay mortgages, and so on.

“As a landlord, this is a no-win situation. I still have to pay mortgages and insurance. We do not make tons of money off our rent houses," a KPRC 2 viewer wrote to us on Facebook. "We have told our tenants to do what you can, and we will figure out things later on a month to month individual basis. Just keep in communication with us. And PLEASE do not make landlords out as the bad guy!!!”

According to some Houstonians, their landlords have been very understanding of the sudden situation.

By communicating with one another, tenants and landlords have been able to work out new payment plans for the time being.

“My landlord has been very understanding and have allowed us to pay our rent within the month of April in payments without any late fees,” a KPRC 2 viewer wrote to us on Twitter.

“Mine has been an absolute saint. Not collecting rent for April and texting to make sure we’re all good and have everything we need,” another said.

However, this hasn’t been the case for everyone. Other renters in Houston are expected to pay rent as normal, regardless of the unnormal circumstance.

“Mine sent out an email a few days before the first letting everyone know rent is due on the first and late fees will start on the 4th. I’m still employed and have savings but not all my neighbors are so lucky.” a KPRC 2 viewer wrote to us on Facebook.

Other landlords in Houston have found a middle ground between harshness and generosity. While they might not be waiving rent for a month, landlords are offering incentives for those who pay on time or sooner.

One viewer said their landlord offered a $50 discount if rent was paid on time and two loan options for those needing assistance.

Another said they were offered to be entered in a drawing for a $250 gift card if they paid their rent early.

If you’re a tenant in Houston worried about paying rent, here are some resources for you:

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