Rent is due: Here are financial resources to help you navigate all of the bills that are now due

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HOUSTON – Wednesday marks the first of the month, but with the unprecedented number of layoffs and furloughs, many people are wondering how they are going to make all their payments.

Yes, times are incredibly tough, but you can make it through. Here are a few stories we have put together that answer some of your biggest financial questions.

1. Which bills to pay first when you can’t pay them all

Realistically, paying all your bills on the first of the month might not be doable because of the unforeseen circumstances brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

KPRC 2consumer expert Amy Davis spoke with financial educator Tiffany Aliche to help guide you through which bills to pay and which ones to delay.

“If your back is against the wall, what absolutely do you have to have?” Aliche asked. “You have to have food. You have to have shelter. You have to have water, which means utilities. The other one might be medicine. If you have children, you need childcare so you can go to work.”

Click here to read Aliche’s full advice.

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