How area districts handle home learning amid president’s social distancing extension

HOUSTON – Alief ISD is working hard to keep students on track, even while they are at home.

On Monday morning, teachers at Rees Elementary had a work packet drive-thru.

Any students who are having a hard time with slow internet, or may not have good access to a computer received work packets to help them get their school work done.

“Me, I’m going crazy. I don’t know what to do. Frustrating, but I think we are going to be okay,” Angelica Brito, a mother, said.

For many parents like Brito, this time for kids out of school, away from teachers, friends and an everyday routine has been really hard, especially when it comes to homework.

Many have also had to deal with no access to technology or slow internet.

Principal Paul Baez said if students don’t have a device or internet, they can get a homework packet.

Teachers and school officials helped make the packets over Spring Break. Teachers will continue to work with parents on email and online tutorial videos, and phone calls now that “virtual schooling” has officially begun.

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