Sugar Land animal hospital offers curbside service to protect pet owners, staff during coronavirus pandemic

SUGAR LAND, Texas – The VCA animal hospital in Sugar Land, Texas is now offering curbside veterinary services to pet owners as part of an effort to maintain social distancing to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus in the community.

“I’m appreciative that these type of businesses remain open during all this because they’re providing a valuable service. These pets are our family members,” said one dog owner who asked not to be named.

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The VCA clinic is asking pet owners to park outside, call the animal hospital to check-in and wait until a vet technician comes to get their pet.

“We started implementing it last Wednesday and the reason for VCA as a whole is to help curb this coronavirus pandemic,” said VCA Animal Hospital Medical Director William Floyd.

Once the examination is complete the pet owner will get a call from the veterinarian explaining the pet’s diagnosis and what the owner will need to do or get to treat them.

“If I don’t have to endanger myself and everybody else in the room, I’ll definitely stay outside and answer a phone call,” said dog owner Alex Begnaud.

The VCA Animal Hospital said pet visits have dropped a bit because of social distancing but there’s still a steady flow of folks needing to have their pets checked out.

The hospital officials also said they will make exceptions when it comes to entering the building, but it has to be an emergency or a special circumstance.