Parents concerned after HISD says 'several people have been placed on 14-day self-quarantine’

HOUSTON – The Houston Independent School District released a statement on Monday night saying that several individuals associated with the district were placed on quarantine.

The release states, “All self-quarantine individuals recently returned from a country on the CDC travel warning list or are closely related to someone who did. Schools will be identified specifically if cases are positively confirmed.”

District officials haven’t stated if the individuals are students or staff or which schools are impacted.

The district said in a statement that impacted schools would undergo a deep cleaning, which includes “fogging all rooms with CDC-recommended disinfectant and cleaning all air ducts, a common practice for potential cases of airborne viruses.”

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Some parents with students in HISD told KPRC 2 they need more information from the district.

“I don’t think that’s fair, because if there is something going on, I think we need to know,” Silvia Palimo, a parent, said.

Parent Ken Robinson said, “I would like to know if it’s my child’s school because if so, I would definitely want to pull him out. I don’t want him being exposed to that at all.”

Josephine Ledezma said she isn’t worried from a health perspective but wants clarification on other issues.

“I’m concerned if they are considering closing like other school districts have,” said Ledezma. "Are we considering closing school for kids’ safety and doing everything online?’

KPRC 2 reached out to HISD and board members but have not yet heard back.

HISD said it is working with the city and county health departments, as well as the CDC. No confirmed cases have been reported at HISD.

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