These videos show the impact of water main break that flooded east Houston

These four images were taken from video recorded by SKY 2 of flooding in east Houston on Feb. 27, 2020. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – A massive water main that broke Thursday poured floodwaters into an east Houston neighborhood and onto a heavily traveled nearby freeway.

The 96-inch line ruptured near the Interstate 610 East Loop at Clinton Drive. The water flowed down Clinton Drive and onto the East Loop, bringing traffic to a halt.

Several motorists had to be rescued after climbing onto the roofs of their vehicles after being trapped in the water.

Here are some videos that show the impact of the water main break and the subsequent flooding.

3 rescued from cars

Three people rescued from flooded vehicles in east Houston after water main break

Traffic snarled on East Loop

A water main break flooded the 610 East Loop causing major traffic headaches in the area.

Cars abandoned in East Loop floodwaters

Houston drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles on the East Loop because of a flood.

Water pours from ruptured water main in east Houston

Water shoots from a massive main line after a break in east Houston.