Man calls for help after being impaled by fence post during crash in Montgomery County

WILLIS, Texas – A man is in stable condition after he was impaled by a fence post in Montgomery County on Tuesday morning, DPS troopers said.

Montgomery County Hospital District officials said they received a call at around 4 a.m. from a man who said he hit a deer, ran off the road and hit a fence on Highway 75 north of Shepard Hill Road. Troopers said the man’s pickup truck went underneath a fence causing part of the post to pierce his body.

North Montgomery County and New Waverly fire officials said they responded and found the man’s Chevrolet pickup entangled in a fence for NRS Trailers, a trailer sales company.

Buddy Maxwell, general manager of NRS Trailers, said this is the second time a driver has crashed into his fence within the last four months.

“One lady said she just lost control. This guy said he avoided a deer so I have no idea,” Maxwell said. “You just put a new fence up and go at it again I guess.”

Maxwell said two of his trailers were damaged during the crash. He estimates more than $100,000 in damage.

Officials said the man, who is in his 20′s, was awake and conscious with an approximately 2-inch fence post through his chest and completely going through his body when they arrived at the scene.

Firefighters said they worked for nearly 30 minutes to free him. The post was cut shorter and he was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital with the remainder of the pipe still in him, firefighters said. Officials said he is in stable condition after having surgery.

The man was the only occupant of the vehicle, officials said. DPS said speed was a factor and that Highway 75 was wet due to rain from the night before.

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