Emergency surgery saves dog’s life after it eats fork, Cleveland family says

A dog that ingested a metal fork is expected to survive.

CLEVELAND, Texas – A dog that ingested a metal fork is expected to survive after emergency surgery, according to the dog’s owners.

Owner Carli Ott, said she was feeding her a four-year-old Bullmastiff Boxer mix, Chemo, a piece of pumpkin pie straight from her fork when he swallowed the utensil. She says she now recognizes that as a mistake.

“I stuck my hand in (Chemo’s mouth) and it was too late,” Ott said.

She says she knew she had a problem immediately, but she could not find a clinic that was cheap enough.

Finally, she said she came across the Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic, outside of Cleveland, Texas.

“She asked if we would just do an X-ray," said Dr. Wendy Browning-Cozart, who works at the clinic. "We wanted to help. We have a fund that could help here.”

The veterinarian performed emergency surgery and extracted the fork. There is still a risk of infection but Chemo is expected to survive the ordeal.

Dr. Browning-Cozart said this should serve as a cautionary tale. Do not feed pets people food and certainly do not use utensils.

Chemo’s name has a special meaning. The dog comforted Ott’s mother before she died of cancer in 2016. Ott’s father has also since passed away.

“This is the last thing I have of my parents,” she said.

To help further defray the cost of Chemo’s treatment, donations can be sent to the Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic. For more information, call 281-593-1876.