Bond increased for man charged in connection with fiancé’s death

HOUSTON – The man charged in connection with his fiancé’s death went before a judge Monday.

Kendrick Akins had his bond increased on one of two charges, per the prosecution’s request. Akins originally had bond set on his murder charge at $150,000. That was increased to $250,000. Bond for his aggravated assault charge remains at $75,000.

In court, prosecutors argued that Akins, who was convicted for two prior felonies, was a danger to society. Prosecutors said he shot and killed his fiance Friday after a disagreement and then shot at a witness who was trying to help her.

Loved ones gathered Sunday to remember 33-year-old Dominic Jefferson, a mother of three who had just gotten engaged to Kendrick Akins just days prior to her death.

According to court documents, Jefferson died Friday after she was shot once in the chest in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Hollyview Drive near Antoine Drive in north Houston.

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The couple got into an argument outside their apartment and that is when Akins pulled the trigger, court documents said.

Tina Hunter, Jefferson’s mother, said she was blindsided by the news, especially just days after their engagement.

“He proposed to her (on) New Year’s Eve (on) Facebook Live,” Hunter said. “It was beautiful. It was a beautiful proposal. He gave her the ring and did the whole nine yards and then turn around three days later and kill my daughter. That’s not right. That’s not right at all.”

Akins turned himself in on Saturday. He is asking to be put in protective custody because Jefferson has brothers in jail who will attack him, according to court documents.

Hunter said her daughter was a “very caring person. She would give her last. She would always help people.”

“He don’t need a bond,” Hunter said. “My daughter didn’t deserve this. He don’t deserve to get out. He don’t deserve a bond.”

He is charged with murder and aggravated assault in connection with Jefferson’s death. He is in jail on a total of $325,000 bond for both his charges. He faces life in prison if convicted.

He is requesting protective custody citing family members of Jefferson’s might retaliate against him behind bars. A decision on his request has yet to be determined.

Akins’ next court date has not been set.

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