Hear from heroic 12-year-old who deputies say stopped knife attack on great-grandparents

KATY, Texas – Sasha, 12, said that when his half-brother nearly twice his age pulled out a pocket knife and started stabbing his great-grandparents, he knew he had to save them.

“I guess it’s called fight or flight moment, and everything’s going so fast,” Sasha, a sixth-grader, said. “I decided to sit there and fight.”

It started with an argument inside the family minivan Sunday night, according to Sasha. The Millers sat in the driver and passenger’s seats and Sasha and 20-year-old Lucian Johnston sat in the back.

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“Papa disagrees with him,” Sasha said of Lucian. “Then (Lucian) reached up and stabbed him in the neck from behind, and reached for great-grandma."

“She was yelling, that’s when everything kicked in,” Sasha said. “I pulled (Lucian) back by his collar.”

“I came up, like, almost a backward bear hug, then I put (Lucian) in a headlock,” Sasha said. “He yelled at me while I was putting him in a headlock to, ‘Stop! Stop!’ like, several hundred billion times.”

Sasha said Lucian frantically tried to get out of the headlock, attempting to stab him and headbutt him in the mouth.

“With my other arm that was still free I grabbed that knife (and) I pulled it to his neck,” Sasha said.

He said Lucian broke free and jumped out of the car. Sasha said he tossed the knife out of the window and the great-grandparents drove themselves to the emergency room.

“It’s just messed up, what he did,” Sasha said.

Sasha said Lucian had threatened to hurt and even kill his great-grandparents before but had never tried until now.

“He’s crazy,” Orville Miller, 76, said with a large bandage on his neck. His wife, 92-year-old Madelyn Miller, was stabbed or cut five times on the head.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez called Sasha a hero and said if it weren’t for him, his great-grandparents might not be alive.

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