Season finale of ‘The Evidence Room’ explores the serial killings of Acres Homes

The Season 3 finale of The Evidence Room premieres July 19 (Copyright 2023 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

HoustonThis event has passed. Watch all of Season 3 of ‘The Evidence Room’ on demand here. Season 4 of ‘The Evidence Room’ premieres on October 4, 2023.

It was early 2006, and Houston police detective Darcus Shorten and her partner thought they were looking for a killer.

They had no idea.

In the Season 3 finale of ‘The Evidence Room’ streaming on demand on KPRC 2+, KPRC 2′s Robert Arnold returns to Acres Homes with Det. Shorten to explore how the neighborhood’s isolated feel made it the perfect hunting ground for not just one - but three serial predators who didn’t even know about each other.

“You know, when you asked me about doing this, I knew it would be very, very complicated,” said. Det. Shorten. “Because the storyline can get confusing because so much was happening.”

Which makes how they put it all together - nothing short of amazing.

‘The Evidence Room’ brings a fresh perspective to some of the most notorious crimes in the history of the Houston area, through unprecedented access to the Harris County criminal archives. From confession tapes to crime scene photographs, to the murder weapons themselves - these are criminal cases you may think you know, but you’ve never seen them quite like this.

“The level of true crime filmmaking is unmatched in this series. It is on the level of classics like Cold Case Files and Forensic Files, as it is made with real access to investigators/evidence and with unseen video/photos from the crimes and trials.”

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Each of the true crimes featured in ‘The Evidence Room’ had a lasting impact on the Houston-area community, many of which changed the way we live and work.

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‘The Evidence Room’ recently received national honors from the 44th Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honors “innovative, inclusive, and disruptive work that breaks through the static.”

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