Process of impeachment at the Texas Capitol? A question lawmakers are asking following AG Paxton’s impeachment

State Senate preparing for trial to be some time this summer

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The bombshell impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton by the state’s House of Representatives on Saturday remains the talk of the Capitol with many wondering about not only the next set of steps to be taken in the Senate but.... when?

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“I know the Senate is organizing now around having an impeachment trial,” said State Senator John Whitmire to KPRC 2 Investigates on Monday.

Less than 48 hours after the historic vote that removed Paxton from office, there are questions of process.

Whitmire, who was in office during the last impeachment in Texas in 1975, shed some light as to how things will proceed.

“There will be a committee announced today to come back in three weeks and give us their proposal for the paper procedure and process for that hearing,” said Whitmire, adding that the committee will be appointed by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

Whitmire made it clear during our interview that everyone is cognizant of the historic chapter unfolding.

“Everyone is taking this very seriously, it’s a huge responsibility,” said Whitmire.

As for how the process this time around is different from what he saw in 1975? “Much more complicated. Much more partisan,” said Whitmire.

There also is the fact that Paxton’s wife, Angela, is a State Senator, and every senator is expected to make up Paxton’s jury.

During our interview, Paxton stepped out of the chamber and appeared behind Whitmire’s shoulder in the distance.

When asked if the woman several yards made behind him added any more complexities to the impeachment? “I have no comment to individuals involved,” Whitmire quickly responded.

By late afternoon, the House Committee on General Investigating led by its Chairman, Representative Andrew Murr, presented their Articles of Impeachment to the Senate and named those members who will manage the impeachment proceedings with a trial planned for this summer.

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