Gov. Abbott calls Robb Elementary video ‘disgusting’

Here's what we know

TEXAS – While touring the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab in Houston, Gov. Greg Abbott promised the community of Uvalde it would get the full truth of what happened at Robb Elementary.

Abbott added the recently released so-called “hallway” video is only a portion of multiple investigations into the police response.

“From what I have seen from that video, it looks that policy was not followed,” Abbott said.

Abbott said multiple investigations remain in the varying staging of completion and again promised parents they would get the complete truth of why it took police 77-minutes to end the rampage.

“We have visual evidence, we have audio evidence that will reveal most of what happened. In addition to that, these investigations will turn up different pieces of information,” said Abbott. “It will take a while, and the reason is because it will require a conclusion of the investigations by the Texas Rangers, by the FBI, by the DOJ, by the District Attorney.”

Abbott also acknowledges the multiple contradictions in information coming from police and elected leaders, saying what he saw on the video was the complete opposite of the information he was given immediately following the mass murders.

“It’s disgusting to see what happened,” said Abbott.

The state House Investigative Committee is expected to release its findings in Uvalde this Sunday. Members of the committee said they will meet with families first to discuss the report before releasing it to the public.

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