Ask Amy: How you can reuse Houston Rodeo tickets from 2020

The hottest tickets in town right now are probably any shows coming up at Rodeo Houston. But what about tickets people didn’t get to use in 2020? You may remember, back in 2020, the rodeo was cut short, and a lot of people didn’t get a chance to use their tickets.

Question: Mary emailed saying she chose not to be reimbursed in 2020 and use the tickets next time. So - she asks if rodeo tickets from 2020 are still valid?

Answer: We checked with Rodeo Houston and they sent us more information about past event tickets.

Only season ticket holders were given the option to roll over their tickets or get reimbursed. Regular individual ticket holders were given the option to donate the cost or get a refund. If you did not make a request, Rodeo Houston says you were automatically issued a refund back in 2020.

But listen up! If you purchased NRG Park admission tickets that you didn’t use you still can! All unused 2020 carnival packs, carnival food cards, admission tickets and ground season passes are still valid during the 2022 Houston Rodeo.

If you don’t still have the paper copies, you should be able to access them through the Houston Rodeo carnival app. (Houston Rodeo Apple store app, Houston Rodeo Google play app.) Just like with any type of event tickets you buy these days - it’s safest to buy directly from the event website, instead of from a third party, if you are worried about getting your money back.

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