Tips to keep your kids safe from the new dangers that come with distance learning

HOUSTON – A new school year is here and chances are distance learning is a big part of your child’s education, but it’s not without risks. Here are the three biggest threats and what you can to about them right now.

“Mostly it’s us wrapping our heads around what this school year is going to look like,” said Stephanie Briles, a teacher and high achiever who not only just had a baby but started a wildly successful Facebook page called QuaranTeach Houston.

It connects parents with people offering to host pods or tutor. More than 5,000 people have already joined the group.

A pod is when different families get together with a parent or an outside tutor and learn together.

But before you take that leap of faith, by finding help on Facebook, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office has a warning.

Threat 1: New strangers in your home

“The things I would watch out for? Make sure you talk to the people who are going to be with your child,” said Shanna Redwine, a mom and the Special Victims Bureau Chief with Montgomery County DA’s office. “A lot of times child abuse happens with people they know. Unfortunately stranger danger is not the primary danger we have to look out for.”

If your kids are “podding,” know every adult that could be in the home. “No visitors” is a great policy during pod learning hours.