‘I screw up’: Read Goines’ notes to investigators about deadly Harding Street raid

At left, Gerald Goines is seen in a Houston courtroom. At right, an image taken from court documents released in his case. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Gerald Goines, the former Houston police officer charged in connection with a deadly police raid earlier this year, admitted that he screwed up, according to his handwritten notes that are part of court records released last week.

The 10-page document includes notes Goines wrote to investigators who were questioning him after the Jan. 28 raid that ended with the deaths of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas.

On page seven, Goines wrote:

“I screw up because I made a buy without the correct manpower out there. I knew when I bought from him he would be still in possession.”

Goines added:

“I made the purchase by myself. I was looking to buy from a female. I bought from the male. I had info regarding people at the residence. I’m not sure if the guy I bought from was male listed in info.”

The last two pages of the document showed where Goines wrote: “I apoli” and then crossed it out.

Goines, who is accused of lying on documents that were used to obtain the warrant for the raid, was released Thursday after being granted bail by a federal judge.

In addition to federal charges, Goines faces two counts of murder at the state level.

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