Trust Index: Which coronavirus prediction model can you trust?

Channel 2 Investigates puts the projections through the Trust Index to see which ones you can depend on

HOUSTON – From the number of infections to total deaths, there’s no shortage of COVID-19 models that are trying to predict what’s going to happen with the coronavirus.

But what's the right way to look at the numbers and which models can you depend on?

KPRC 2 Investigative Reporter Joel Eisenbaum put these models through the Trust Index.

CDC Top 12 COVID-19 Forecasting Models

But what dangers come with all of this? Who really has that answer?

“We did so well for so long,” said Dr. Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine. Hotez added, “I’m quite worried we’re going to start seeing an uptick in cases.”

Certainly, that’s the general consensus. The closer we get together, the riskier it is.

Experts by the dozens are citing various models that give varying predictions.