Dog helps save neighbor dog from coyote attack in Magnolia

MAGNOLIA, Texas – A dog survives an attack by a pack of coyotes thanks to a neighbor’s dog.

Now, both dog owners talked about the dangerous situation and the bond between their dogs, even before the attack.

As far as neighborhood pals are concerned, Bella and the 8-year-old border collie, Tasa, are positively inseparable.

“They’ve been absolute best friends for a while now,” said Tasa’s owner, Spencer Williams.

“If she sees her out in the yard she is whining to go play with her,” said Bella’s owner, Michael Cobb.

But on Thanksgiving Day, Bella became more than a friend, she turned into a guard dog.

“Around 2:30 in the morning, we were awoken to a lot of barks as well as her scratching on the window,” Cobb said.

He said he let her out of the house to chase what he thought was a deer.

“She was on their tail. Really trying to get after the one,” Cobb said. “After a few seconds, she let out a large yelp. I went to her rescue and that’s when we found out that it was coyotes.”

A pack of them had surrounded Bella

“My concern was the aggression,” he said.

Cobb scared them off, as Tasa walked into the yard limping and bleeding.

“From what we understand, she got frightened by the coyotes and she has an invisible fence collar, so she must have broken through that running away from them,” Williams said.

Williams said the surveillance video shows Tasa darting into the pool to avoid the coyotes. She then tried to enter the home’s backdoor before running away to Bella’s yard. That’s when he believes the 116 pound Dogo Argentino protected her friend.

“It probably wasn’t looking good for her if it wasn’t for Bella,” Willams said.

Although Tasa is a little battered, “we realized that her inner thigh had a couple of tooth holes,” Willaims said. “Her paw was swollen up pretty big.”

Both owners agree that things could have ended differently.

“Probably we would have woken up and she wouldn’t have been here,” Williams said.

He said Tasa has been prescribed antibiotics and pain medication, but she is expected to make a full recovery. Williams and Cobb said they have been warning their other neighbors to keep a close eye on their animals because of the coyotes in the neighborhood.

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