Target customer files federal discrimination lawsuit after wrongly accused of stealing

GF Default - Woman files federal lawsuit against Target
GF Default - Woman files federal lawsuit against Target

HOUSTON – A woman filed a federal lawsuit against Target after she says she was discriminated against and accused of stealing.

Annie Banerjee, an Indian born Houston immigration attorney, bought what she thought was a $300 brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner from Target on San Felipe Street in the Galleria area. But what she ended up with was a box full of junk, including dirty towels, rocks and a can of chili.

Banerjee said adding insult to injury, the store’s response was surprising when she returned to Target with the receipt.


Banerjee said when she returned to Target , the store manager told her there was nothing they could do, called police and referred to her as a Hispanic woman who needed to be removed from the store because she was trespassing.

“It’s not only if you are rich or poor or whatever. You cannot assume that people of my color are trying to pull one over. You just cannot assume that. This is 2019. Go on facts and not by the color anybody’s skin,” Banerjee said.

Target recently released a surveillance video to Banerjee’s attorney. He said the video is shedding light on the chain of events that led to the discrimination lawsuit being filed.


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