Council member, mayoral candidate Dwight Boykins calls out HPOU over 'racist tweet'

HOUSTON – Houston mayoral candidate Dwight Boykins did not mince words on Tuesday night, “You can disagree with me from a business perspective, but to make it racial you are crossing the line." 

Boykins made the statement in response to a tweet posted by the Houston Police Officers Union on Tuesday. A screenshot from the movie "Friday" with the names of Boykins and Houston Firefighters Union President Marty Lancton inserted in it. The image also has dialogue lifted and edited from the movie. 

Boykins told Channel 2 Investigates the HPOU was racist in its post, "The character he compared me to and his racist tweet, you would clearly understand what he was doing.”

Boykins is referring to Union President Joe Gamaldi. 

Gamadli offered up the following response in phone a call, “It was simply a parody of a popular movie, but if he was offended by it, then of course we'll take it down.”

Boykins' perspective on the parody position? 

“That is what he would want you to think, but I guarantee everyone we have shown that to has a difference of opinion,” he responded.

Gamaldi said Boykins has not been truthful over claims of financial benefits HPOU will be receiving in support of Mayor Sylvester Turner for the union’s opposition to Prop B. Gamaldi also told Channel 2 Investigates they pulled the tweet after Boykins voiced his concerns to the media. 

“Certainly when he contacted news outlets and said he was offended by it we took it down because it is never our intention to offend anyone,” Gamaldi said.

Boykins take? 

"He got caught doing this Mario and now he wants to defend it and take it down and come up with any other reason but you know, he is who he is,” Boykins said.

Boykins did add he believes HPOU needs to revamp its entire board but is quick to point out "the rank and file of the police department are some fine people.”

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