$80,000 in music equipment stolen from Cypress storage unit

CYPRESS, Texas – Investigators are looking into the theft of tens of thousands of dollars' worth of musical equipment from Lakewood Mini Stroage in Cypress. 

"What I have is almost irreplaceable," equipment owner Michael Deluco said. "For me to start over again is almost near impossible."

Deluco, who has played in thousands of shows over his nearly 50-year music career, has built up an impressive collection of drums and other equipment. 

Over the weekend, Deluco said, he did not recognize the lock on his storage unit and knew something was wrong. 

"As soon as he opened the door, I was shocked," Deluco said. "It was a disaster. All my guitars, amps, drums, PAs, speaker cabinets, wiring -- it's all gone."

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office investigators are looking into the theft. Deluco said the stolen equipment is worth more than $80,000.

"To be perfectly honest, I'm crushed," Deluco said. "I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what just happened to me."

Deluco said whoever stole his equipment can give it back right now and, "I won't ask any questions. I just want my stuff back."

"But if they don't," he added, "there's going to be ramifications." 

Deluco has hired a private investigator to help him track down his equipment. 

Lakewood Mini Storage has surveillance cameras but, so far, Deluco said, the company has refused to provide him any images of the perpetrators. 

Late Tuesday, the chief operating officer of the company that manages the Lakewood storage facility called Deluco and told him he would "make it right," Deluco said. 

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