High-ranking Stafford MSD officials accused of nepotism

STAFFORD, Texas – An area school district is facing a state investigation following allegations of nepotism by an administrator and board member.

Both the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Rangers have been forwarded information regarding the allegations involving Stafford Municipal School District Superintendent Robert Bostic and the longest-serving Stafford MSD school board member, Greg Holsapple.

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The allegations were first brought to light by the school district’s former CFO, George Flores, who left the district after claiming a “hostile work environment” had developed after he reported the problem.

Nepostism, the hiring of relatives, is a misdemeanor criminal offense in Texas for public officials.
The concern is self-dealing.

Bostic’s wife was hired by a third-party staffing firm that contracted with Stafford MSD to provide skilled workers to fill various positions. Ellen Bostic was initially hired as a part-time reading tutor. Pay stubs obtained by Channel 2 Investigates, through a public information request, indicate a pay rate of $67.50/hour.

Holsapple’s daughter also gained employment through the Sterling Staffing Solutions as a career specialist and office clerk.

Channel 2 Investigates took a closer look at the firm that contracted with Stafford MSD. The CEO of the firm attended college with Bostic. The $31,000 contract was later canceled, after a law firm working on behalf of the district deemed it was procured outside of state guidelines.

Bostic updated a required disclosure document after the contract was signed.

The family members' employment has also ended, according to a representative for the district.

Stafford MSD has issued a news release stating that a legal review found “no further action required.”

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The school district has maintained that because a third party did the hiring of the family members, the nepotism statute was not violated.