Hazing investigation: Montgomery ISD School Board meets

MONTGOMERY, Texas – Even though the allegations weren't on the agenda Tuesday at a Montgomery Independent School District board meeting, the topic did come up.

Before the meeting started, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said it executed a search warrant and seized four phones that may contain video of the incident.

About 10 minutes into the meeting, parents and community members were asking for answers.

"I want to know what leadership actions are being taken," one attendee said.

The theme of the meeting was clarity. Parents and members of the community want the board to be open with them.

Bill Chilcoat, a former basketball coach at Montgomery High School, said the hazing allegations that were first reported about three weeks ago have created a rift in the community.

"There's not a lot of people sitting on the fence right now. People are definitely taking sides, so it's a divisive situation. Part of that is the way information has been disseminated," he said.

Some parents at the meeting were upset and said that the allegations were unfair to those who are not involved. One parent said she's worried the negative attention will affect her son's scholarship.

"Don't lump in two to four kids and tell me 45 of them are to blame for it," she said. "I would just appreciate if we could cool the rumors and figure out what you want to do. But punishing a whole (school) for an individual it just seems crazy to me."

It's still unclear how many students were involved in the incident or how many victims there may be.

No action was taken at the meeting and community members are still waiting to hear if this week's football game will be canceled.