Montgomery County DA recuses self from hazing investigation due to conflict of interest

MONTGOMERY, Texas3:25 p.m. UPDATE: 

The Montgomery County District Attorney recused himself from the investigation into the alleged hazing by Montgomery High School students based on "personal relationships that both the District Attorney and members of his family have with the persons involved in the matter." 

In a statement to KPRC, the DA wrote that "the recusal is intended to avoid any appearance of partiality and to ensure the highest level of confidence in the outcome of this investigation." 

The County Attorney began working with law enforcement agencies in the investigation, in his stead. 


The Montgomery Independent School District board of trustees met Friday morning for a special meeting that covered a number of agenda items, including a hazing incident.

The meeting started at 8 a.m., and after a brief public comment period, trustees left the meeting chambers to discuss the hazing incident involving the varsity football team behind closed doors with their legal counsel. 

Several parents waited patiently for the trustees to return. After nearly two hours, the trustees returned and hastily adjourned the meeting, even though there were more items on the agenda, including taking action deemed necessary upon the discussion in closed session. 

Some parents were outraged they received no answers to their questions.

“This isn't being addressed," said one parent. "Nothing is being taken care of, that this football team isn't being held accountable, but it’s not all the children on the team."

Another parent reiterated the same message, saying the entire football team was being unjustly punished. 

After the meeting was adjourned, the board president would not comment about how many victims or offenders were involved in the hazing incident.

The varsity football team’s Friday night game was forfeited while the hazing investigation continues.

The board president would not comment on whether next week’s game would be forfeited as well. 

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