The 5 best places to get chili in Houston, according to Houston residents

Woman holding bowl with delicious chili turkey, closeup
Woman holding bowl with delicious chili turkey, closeup


As Houston starts to get hit with a cool front, you may want to nestle up on the couch with a bowl of warm chili and cornbread. If you don’t feel like making it at the house, plenty of Houston restaurants have chili bowls that are pretty hard to beat.


We asked our audience on National Chili Day, where they liked to get a bowl and here is what they said:


The Buffalo Grille

Multiple locations

“The Buffalo Grille, WITH OUT QUESTION!”- Juan Ramirez 


The Hideaway

3122 Dunvale Rd.

The Hideaway makes a good authentic Texas Red. I am a Yankee and my chili is good but it ain’t Texas style. I like beans and corn in mine- Ellen Archambault


Texas Roadhouse

Multiple locations


James Coney Island

Multiple locations

JAMES CONEY ISLAND!!!!!! HANDS DOWN!- Evangeline Goodman



3622 Main St.

Natachee’s the best!”- Genie Handley