Best places in Houston to buy buttermilk biscuits, according to residents

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HOUSTON – Southerners should know this best!

It's been said that true Southerners make their own, but we had to ask: Where could one go to buy the best buttermilk biscuits in the city?

Although your mother may make the best buttermilk biscuits, we wouldn't want strangers showing up to her home, so we've provided a list below of the most recommended restaurants.

Here are the places named by residents in our callout: 

1.) Popeyes (although it's recommended to get a drink along with it) 

2.) Kelley's Country Cookin 

3.) Cracker Barrel 

4.) Carl's Jr. 

5.)  Federal American Grill, located at 510 Shepherd Dr. 

6.) Black Bear Diner, located at 24600 Katy Freeway #900 

7.) Annie's Hamburgers, located at 10821 S. Post Oak Road

8.) Biskit Junkie, located at 106 Westheimer Road

9.) Frank's Grill, located at 1915 Mangum Road

10.) Whataburger 

11.) Chick-fil-A 

12.) IHOP 

13.) Avalon Diner 

14.) Punk’s Simple Southern Food, located at 5212 Morningside Drive

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