5 foods you need to try at the Fort Bend County Fair

Make sure you go hungry

HOUSTON – Dust off your boots and wear your stretchy pants because the 83rd Annual Fort Bend County Fair & Rodeo is in full swing.

And if you're planning on going and want to eat your way through the fair, Marjie Pollard, president of the Fort Bend County Fair, stopped by the Houston Life studio with the five foods you can’t miss this year.

“We have great food out there. We have all kind of stuff. It’s wonderful and all the foods that we do out there are done by your Future Farmers of America (FFA)  kids,” said Pollard, who invited everyone to participate of the fair happening now through Sunday, Oct. 6,  at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds in Rosenberg, Texas.

But with so many food booths to navigate, here's a look at five mouthwatering options that won’t disappoint you.

Roasted corn and corn in a cup  


Corn is roasted daily on site. Spices include salt, pepper, and you can dress your corn with anything from butter to lime juice.

“There’s a booth that’s called Vaqueros, and they do give out scholarships. But they do corn and you can do all kind of seasoning. They have from hot sauce, to Parmesan cheese, to garlic, butter, whatever you want. The corn you can eat on the cob or in a cup. It depends if you want to be messy or not messy,” said Pollard.

Red velvet funnel cake


Westmorland Concessions makes the funnel cakes on site with different toppings to choose from -- Bavarian cream, blueberry and strawberry, just to name a few.

 “They come up with all kinds of ideas, and they’re food is excellent, too. They have a red velvet that’s been really popular,” said Pollard.

Flamin' hot corn dog


The hot Cheeto battered corn dog debuts today at the fair. If you like hot foods, this is for you.

“They’re doing it for the first time today at the fair today. Come out have one. Your diet, forget it. That stuff is so good,” said Pollard.

Turkey legs & sausage on a stick with bake potato


Iconic fair food. Profits raise money for scholarships.

“The FFA kids are doing turkey legs with sausage on the stick. That’s common, but that’s one of the best fair foods,” said Pollard.

Deep-fried Oreos


Fried food is its own food group, and these are certainly a fair favorite.

“These are good. We‘ve got the fried Oreos and the vanilla Oreos. And there's more deep-fried food, including fried twinkies.,” said Pollard.  

For more details about the Fort Bend County Fair & Rodeo, watch the video above.