Craving a chicken pot pie? Here are the best places to get one, residents say


HOUSTON – Looking for a chicken pot pie that tastes like grandma's? 

We asked residents in the Houston area to recommend their go-to spots for a chicken pot pie ahead of National Great American Pot Pie Day, celebrated on Sept. 23.

According to residents, these are the best spots:

1.) KFC - multiple locations "Tried one from KFC that was pretty tasty. My kids, growing up, loved them," said resident Sue Bishop.

2.) Cheddar's - multiple locations

3.) Costco's - multiple locations

4.) Boston Market - multiple locations

5.) Brookshire Brothers - multiple locations

6.) Luby's - multiple locations

7.) Farmer's Market -  234 Matlage Way, Sugar Land, TX

8.) Tres Market Foods - 12699 Memorial Dr.

9.) Marchese's Kitchen - 965 Pinemont Dr #700

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