Winnie woman, who recently lost mom, faces total home loss after feet of water enter her new home

A woman who recently moved to Winnie is facing devastation after her new home took on feet of water brought on by Imelda.

WINNIE, Texas – A Winnie woman is facing a total loss of her home after floodwaters made it into her home.

Margie Carroll has been keeping people up-to-date about her home and her situation on social media.

Carroll told readers that she recently lost her mother, and moved to Winnie for a new beginning. 

OMG. Is this ever gonna stop?

Posted by Margie Carroll on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

However, since her home took on feet of water from Imelda, she says she feels lost and it feels like the end. 

Feet of water have inundated her home. Her refrigerator and furniture are floating. Video from inside her home has touched many KPRC 2 viewers who have reached out to learn more about Carroll and her circumstances. 

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On Facebook, Carroll, a new resident of the area, begged viewers to share where she, her brother and her animals could take shelter. 

"Never realized it was going to be this bad or I would have got out," she said. "I would have put everybody in the Jeep and got the hell out, but who would have guessed. Who would have guessed it was going to be like this." 

Carroll wrote the 30-day grace period on her flood insurance has not passed yet, and she is facing a total loss. 

"I should have got out," she said. "I should have left."

Carroll said she will postpone her mother's memorial service, but she wrote on Facebook, "the devil is not winning this one. I have faith."

Carroll said in her most recent Facebook post that she did manage to find shelter for herself and her animals at White's Park Community Center. Her brother was transported to the hospital. 

This is where I am. White's Park Community Center at 225 White's Memorial Park Road.

Posted by Margie Carroll on Thursday, September 19, 2019



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