Timeline of Lamar Burks 1997 murder conviction

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HOUSTON – A man is behind bars for nearly two decades for a murder that rocked a Houston neighborhood.

In 2000, Lamar Burks, then 28, was sentenced to 70 years in prison for the murder of Earl Perry during a dice game in the Fifth Ward. Since Burks' conviction, however, new questions have emerged about the investigation.

The federal agent at the center of the case, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Chad Scott, is now in trouble for lying on other cases and intimidating witnesses.

And, since Scott's indictment, arrest and conviction, key witnesses have flipped their stories, now claiming that Burks didn't do it. They originally told different stories, claiming they feared retaliation from law enforcement.

Scott awaits sentencing later this year as Burks awaits an evidence hearing later this month.

June 30, 1997

Earl Perry was shot at 3810 Cavalcade in Houston and was dead at the scene at 2:48 a.m. He had a gunshot wound to the back, gunshot wound to the left buttock and another through the left foot. Click here for the Earl Perry autopsy report.

Oct. 15, 1997 

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