These are the things Texans fear this Friday the 13th

Black Cats -- It's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path, most likely stemming from medieval beliefs that witches took the form of these dark felines.

HOUSTON – It’s Friday the 13th, and that means many people will let the superstitious parts of their brain have a little freedom, including Texans.

But what are Texans afraid of? Here is our rundown of the things Lone Star State residents have a right to be fearful of this Friday the 13th.

1. A Whataburger that doesn't say 24 hours.

Whataburgers are open 24 hours. If you approach a Whataburger and it doesn't say 24/7, something is definitely off. We've yet to find one, but it's certainly something Texans should fear.

2. When a restaurant says "Sorry, but we're all out of fajitas."

Fajitas should never run out in Texas. This is a statement to live by. The same is true of barbecue, sweet tea and Blue Bell.

3. When you walk outside and someone says, "Gosh, it's beautiful out here. I'm not even dripping today."

By September we should have seen the hottest temperatures of the year, but it's still hot. Just generally hot. If it's "beautiful," a cold front is here and that could mean a lot of other weather conditions. Trust the hot weather. It's not going to let you down with some weirdness in the forecast saying "pocalypse" attached to some kind of precipitation.

4. Mosquitoes that can carry your car away.

Empty the buckets. Knock over anything that could collect water and give those mini mosquitoes something to live on long enough to take over your back yard and grow into the massive bugs we know this climate is capable of raising.

5. Dry brisket.

Just be aware that it's out there. It's not as common in our state as in others, but it's possible. A relocated northerner probably runs it. Look for Edison bulbs overhead and subway tile on the walls, prime indicators that dry brisket could exist nearby.

6. Orange cones.

There is construction afoot. You don't know where, you don't know when, but the ride will most certainly be longer – especially if you're on 290.

7. A Joanna Gaines-inspired home display without shiplap.

Just walk away. Joanna Gaines didn't inspire that.

8. When Dr. Pepper is missing from the vending machine.

Who is loading your vending machine? This person should be fired or relocated to someplace like Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Pepper and Texas vending machines are best friends forever.

9. Broken A/C.

Friday the 13th is a day to fear many things, but mostly, because it's always sunny and drippy in H-Town, a broken air-conditioner is always No. 1 (or, in this case, No. 9) on our list of Texas Friday the 13th fears.

10. Pecan pie NOT from one of these places.

Trust your fellow Texans. These are their favorite places.

11. Cockroaches.

You have some in your house. Don't even try to play like you don't. And don't play like you don't scream when you turn on a light in the middle of the night and see one scurry under your bathroom cabinet.

12. A Bucees that's out of gas.

KPRC 2 would report on this if it happens. We haven't heard of it. However, the fear lingers. Good thing the chain continues to expand, blotting out the possibility of this distant, but persistent, worry.

13. Not the No. 13 -- or any other number.

You’re in Texas. We don’t let fear run our lives. So have 13 cups of coffee. Step on 13 cracks in the sidewalk. Walk under 13 ladders. Conquer your Friday the 13th fears like any real Texan would do.

About the Author:

Amanda Cochran is an Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist. She specializes in Texas features, consumer and business news and local crime coverage.