Local German restaurant makes last effort to save business from permanently closing

HOUSTON – Alpine Brauhaus is a family restaurant that has been open since the 1960s. The Webster restaurant offers German cuisine but may close the doors for good on Tuesday. 

The Restaurant

Co-owner Teresa Westermayer said that many of the items on the menu have been passed down from her husband's family recipes in Munich. The restaurant opened for business in 1965 but changed locations several times and is now located at 1020 West Nasa Parkway. Westermayer said that astronauts and local leaders used to dine at the restaurant years ago.

"We had music, lots of people, I loved talking with all of the customers," Westermayer said. 

Westermayer owns the business with her niece, Nellie Perez.

"I grew up at the restaurant, my first birthday party was held here," said Perez. 

Potential Closure

Perez said that because of changing venue location and poor advertising, coupled with Hurricane Harvey, they've decided that they have to step away from something they love.

"We started to run out of money because the rent is so high compared to revenue," said Perez.

Perez said that they currently owe $35,000. 

"We don't have any choice, we have to close," said Westermayer. 

On Tuesday morning, Perez confirmed that the restaurant was permanently closed.

What happens next?

Perez made a last-ditch attempt to keep the doors open by posting to Facebook. In the post, she said that for $35,000 someone could buy the restaurant. If someone would be willing to take over the $6,000 a month rent, they could keep everything inside. 

"They can take it and I can even teach them the recipes," said Perez. 

If no one decides to make the purchase the business will close on Tuesday morning. Perez confirmed Tuesday morning that the restaurant had closed.

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