Meet the man who donated the My Little Pony casket for Maleah Davis

HOUSTON – Trey Ganem's SoulShine Industries created and donated a custom casket to the family of Maleah Davis.

The My Little Pony casket features ponies and rainbows with Maleah's name in pink.

Davis was first reported missing May 4. Her remains were found later that month in Arkansas.

We spoke with Ganem about his company's involvement.

What prompted SoulShine Industries to step in and help?

A lot of people actually ended up calling us, I think it was right around 100 calls, maybe even more. We definitely wanted to do something special.

What do you hope to accomplish?

We try to help the family start their healing by making something a little more personal for them. It's not for the person going in the casket, it's for the family.


How long did it take?

Work on the casket started Monday.

It’s a fairly quick process due to the heated paint booths, so we had it done Tuesday morning.


Have they ever done this before?

The Sutherland Springs church we donated, I believe, 18 to 20 caskets to that. We’ve donated to fallen police officers in Baton Rouge. We did, I think, four or five of those.