5 things UH soccer player said about ‘punishment workout'

HOUSTON – Earlier this year, Channel 2 Investigates reported that one dozen members of the University of Houston women’s soccer team were diagnosed with the dangerous medical condition called rhabdomyolysis, better known as rhabdo, following a late January workout.

Since then, we have spoken to those involved, including one player who has spoken in depth with Channel 2 Investigates about what the workouts were like and why they happened in the first place.

Here are five things that player said:

  • "Instead we were punished for something that two people did that had nothing to do with everyone else."
  • "He just told us to get up and go to the center of the field, and we all knew -- we have done up-downs before as a punishment -- so we all knew we were going to do up-downs and it was just a matter of how many."
  • "I was just so mad and confused because, of course, I was going to keep going 'cause I'm scared, but I'm looking at everyone else and people were crying, barely pushing themselves off the ground."
  • "Others are scared to speak out and I am, too, but someone has to."
  • "I think I would completely take out all the coaches, put in brand-new ones, talk to the girls, see their concerns, see what they are looking for, what they want and try to, like, actually get to the bottom of what's been happening."