5 questions about rhabdomyolysis

HOUSTON – Dr. Vijay Jotwani, who is with Houston Methodist Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and is also the former team physician for the Houston Dash, provided Channel 2 Investigates with a brief overview of rhabdo, a potentially deadly medical condition.

What is rhabdo?

“Rhabdo is muscle breakdown that comes from exerting your muscles too rigorously.”

What is the primary cause of rhabdo?

“Rhabdo is pushing your body past its normal limits. It can involve one muscle group or entire muscle groups.”

How does rhabdo attack your body?

“Your muscles are damaged in rhabdo and those damaged muscles are leaking chemicals in the blood that then damage the kidneys which can lead to kidney failure and even death.”

What is the recovery period for rhabdo?

“The recovery period for rhabdo is weeks and it involves being cared for by a physician through that process.”

What is the key takeaway?

“Rhabdo is preventable.”