68-year-old man says he was attacked after car accident turns into robbery

HOUSTON – Taking just a few steps is now a difficult task for 68-year-old Emmanuel Oheri and it's not because of his age.

Oheri says he was violently beaten by three people who were robbing him.

The incident took place at the intersection of Forum Park Drive and Bissonnet Street back in March. He said while he was coming to a stop at a stop sign, a small car with three people inside suddenly bumped into the back of his minivan. 

“I came out to look at what happened and the driver said, 'You hit me.' I said, 'You were behind me. How could have hit you?'” Oheri said.  

But the driver, who police identified as Ian Miller, insisted Oheri hit his car and demanded Oheri give him money. 

“He shouted, 'Where is the money? Give me the money,'” Oheri said. 

Oheri said he was confused over why the driver was demanding money, but before he could call the police, he said Miller, along with two others who were with him, began to violently beat him. 

“They were beating me everywhere. I fell down. Then I started bleeding from my nose,” Oheri said. 

Oheri said they stole an envelope from his pocket that contained $4,000.

A Boost Mobile employee witnessed the assault and rushed to Oheri’s aid while calling 911. 

Oheri hopes sharing those terrifying moments will help spare someone else from the pain he has suffered both physically and emotionally.

“What they did to me they could do it to somebody else tomorrow,” Oheri said.