Cafe Annie temporarily closes its doors to revamp restaurant, rebranding

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HOUSTON – Cafe Annie is temporarily closing its doors to revamp the restaurant's look and brand after collaborating with Chef Robert De Grade, Benjamin Bern of Berg Hospitality Group announced. 

The restaurant will officials close its doors Thursday with plans to reopen as The Annie Cafe & Bar. 

“Cafe Annie is a Houston institution located in a prime Uptown location and I am extremely happy to have an outpost in this thriving part of Houston,” said Berg, owner of Berg Hospitality Group. “Chef Del Grande and I will combine our talents to create a lively dining and social scene.” 

Berg said the remodeling of the restaurant will include, new interiors, lighting and furnishings, and extend the bar area to the second-floor patio. Customers will be able to pick from new menu items created by Chef Del Grande and culinary expertise from Berg. 

“I’m excited to partner with him as we combine our strengths to create a fresh experience for guests,” Grande said.

The Annie Cafe & Bar is expected to reopen in the fall of 2019.

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