Robbers tackle, rob armored car guard at South Houston grocery store, police say

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas – South Houston police are searching for at least four robbers they say overpowered an armored car guard and stole a bag of money.

It happened about 10:30 a.m. while the armored car was making a routine stop at the Mexico Lindo Market at 1508 State Highway 3 in South Houston.

Security cameras at the South Texas Funeral Home next door recorded three armed men piling out of a van and running toward the market. They rushed the store just after the guard walked inside with a bag of cash and coins thrown over her shoulder.

VIDEO: Mexico Lindo Market robbery surveillance video

The store cameras show two of the suspects, armed with assault rifles, run up behind her.

The men overpowered the guard, knocking her to the floor, but in the excitement, they also went down. Both then scrambled to their feet, grabbed the money and ran from the store back to the waiting van.

The video shows one of the men pushing himself up off the floor using his rifle as a crutch.

Investigators said he discharged the rifle as he fell. He may have been wounded by bullet fragments because he appeared to be limping as he ran away.

About an hour later, South Houston police found the getaway van abandoned about a mile away. There were bloodstains inside.

South Houston police have not commented on the incident. They’re looking for the three men in the video and the driver of the van. Sources said it may be the same crew responsible for other recent armored car robberies.